Studio Basse Stittgen

stool eka

A simple and beautiful form with only wood used as material.

The seating area integrates without edges into the legs and through its overlapping shape the stool has great stability while remaining its light appearance.

EKA stands for eesti kunstiakadeemia, where i spent my erasmus. The stool was made in Estonia and is my interpretation of baltic design.



The black racking beams wake associations to the first moon capsules and give the stool a light and very technical appearance.

The beams are mounted parallel to each other into the seating area and by welding them together the stool has an enormous stability.



he is built up completely without tools. The seating, the four legs and the cushioning are all held together by the barrel clip which is usually used to close big rain barrels.

The clip is easily openend and by that you can change the cushion quickly and generate your very own stool.