Studio Basse Stittgen


Transport in urban areas - more than an alternative for a car.

Our way of life needs more than just alternatives to automotive transport. Big cities keep getting bigger and more and more people share less and less livingspace- mostly without cars.

Transport aids should therefore be able to reach their destinations, without reloading; also up to the second storey.


Ito combines the dynamic of a traditional Caddy with the sought-for volume of a big cargobike. His flexible and compact ergonomics are combined with a dynamic supporting electric engine and an innovative tire concept, allow it to easily maneuver weights up to 100kg and a volumes up to 250 liters.

With ito in the jungle of the big cities obstacles like narrow passages curbstones sidewalks and even stairs can be overcomes. The form of the frame allows a ton of different boxes to be mounted and also companies can advertise on the broad aluminumframe.

He can be a big aid for small business owners, suppliers, courier services, contractors, etc. but also for private households he is an absolute mobility-plus.