blood related

Blood tells a thousand stories and every story is loaded with meaning. They speak of heritage, mysticism, aversion and, in the end, life and death. However, none of these stories refer to blood as a waste material. Can blood also be understood as a simple but important biomaterial generated from a waste of slaughterhouses--one of the biggest industries in the world?


This project explores the possibilities of blood as a material. The objects made from it interplay between the strong symbolic meaning of blood and its physicality.


By representing both life and death, blood is defined vis-a-vis a contradiction. Divergence between the poetic and material creates sharp contrasts, embodied in a biomaterial resulting out of an industrial mass slaughter of animals.


All the objects are made 100% out of blood without any additives.



The objects play on different associations towards blood. An eggholder that gets stacked into a totem relates to the mystical sides of blood aswell as to the consumption of animals.


Made from an industrial waste product: a jewellery box  that contains what is of great value for us. It questions the value of blood, which is said to be precious while animal blood is a mass waste.

And a record that plays the heartbeat of a cow, a direct link to the animal itself which is the "source of material" for the project.

Together with Anais Borie I developed a graphical layer for the project that relates to the mystical aspects through alchemistic drawings.

The Triptych shows the processing of the blood; it gets taken from the source, turned into powder, pressed in the workshop and finalized in a contradictive materia ultima - the blood object.

The three drawings are etched onto zinc plates and printed on 15 x 10 cm paper.

Studio Basse Stittgen